Service Locator marking where a underground Telstra cable is located

Service Locate’s Utility Locators Are Fully Certified.

Calling the underground service locating experts is how you can find out what utility services are underground and how deep they are without digging.

Underground utility services can include storm water & sewer drains, water pipes, Telstra phone & data cables, power cables and gas pipes. But how do you know what utility lines are there and how deep they are located?

Service Locate’s certified locators are experienced cable locators and pipe locators, so no matter whether you are trying to locate cables or locate pipes made from metal, concrete or pvc underground, our utility locators have the locating methods to find them, servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast & Toowoomba

Cable Locators

Cable locators use expensive electromagnetic locating equipment to detect and locate the depth of cables underground within a 97% accuracy range. This allows you to be able to use earth moving equipment to remove most of the soil with confidence, before you dig the small remaining amount by hand.

Pipe Locators

Pipe locators still use electromagnetic transmitters, but often pipes are made of concrete or pvc, making tracking them with the direct connection method impossible. With over 18 years experience, pipe detectors use what’s called a ‘sonde’ to trace the location and depth of non metallic pipes; again allowing for safer use of earth moving equipment when digging underground.

  • Dangers of Not Using Service Locators – Unfortunately many people dig without having the property checked by utility service locators, cutting cables; running the risk of electrocution, bursting water pipes causing damage and cracking gas pipes that could cause an explosion if a naked flame is lit near by, plus of course the cost of repairs and delays in work schedules.
  • All of this can be eliminated, so you can dig with confidence, by contacting Service Locate to have one of their experienced and certified underground service locators locate pipes and cables for you.