Underground Cable Locating Services Brisbane and the Gold Coast

Underground cable locators mark Telstra cable (white) & Power cables (orange)

Call the Underground Cable Location Experts

Service Locate is a “Dial Before You Dig” Certified Locator

With over 18 years experience locating cables underground, Service Locate’s cable locators use electromagnetic cable locating equipment to locate the type and depth of cables underground safely, before you dig or excavate.

From Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast & Toowoomba locating underground cables is our speciality. All our  underground cable locators are nationally accredited and certified cable locators.

Who uses Service Locate? 

Tradies and professionals businesses including excavators, plumbers, electricians and landscapers use Service Locate so they can safely dig and excavate reducing the risk of electrocution that can be caused by cutting live power cables while digging, and you should too.

Locating power cables however is just one of the services cable locators perform while on site. There are often many telecommunication cables; both Telstra and data cables that have been laid underground that need to be located, so digging can be performed, minimising the risk of damage to them.

The other danger is damaging pipes underground while digging.

At Service Locate we don’t just search for cables, we search for pipes too, so contacting Service Locate before you dig, is the safe and reliable decision to make before you start digging underground.

The best time to contact Service Locate is before you begin to dig, excavate or even design your project.

Call Service Locate Before you Excavate on … 0424 906 777