Is the ground the only thing you’re breaking when you dig?

Is the ground the only thing you’re breaking when you dig?

 Certified Utility Service Locators Since 2001.

Service Locate provide a specialist underground utility, pipe and cable locating service in Southeast Queensland: Brisbane|Gold Coast | Sunshine Coast | Ipswich | Toowoomba | Northern Rivers. With over 18 years experience; using state of the art non-invasive electromagnetic locating equipment to find utility services, you can benefit by calling “Service Locate” – Before You Excavate!

Alex Bogdanoff; Director of Service Locate, leads the team of certified underground service locators with a reputation second to none. Experience plays an essential part in locating all utility lines; whether they are electricity power cables, sewer and water pipes, telephone lines or gas pipes.

Range of Services – More Than Just Locating Utility Lines.

Service Locate are proud to offer a complete range of utility, pipe and cable locating services. Alex has located utility lines for residential, commercial, industrial and rural customers; directly and through a wide range of contractors, architects, engineers, architects, surveyors and government departments.

Alex is acutely aware of the short cuts that take place within the industry; with some line locating companies just spraying paint on the ground after locating the utility lines.

This is not acceptable at Service Locate. After locators detect and mark the lines, they are pegged before a site diagram is drawn; showing not only the utility line location but the depth of each service as well. This is critical to ensure everyone that digs or excavates is aware of what lies beneath the surface.

Some customers are after more detail, so Service Locate can provide a CAD design file (PDF) for your records; read more about our utility mapping service, plus print a large hard copy, useful for contractors; at a small extra cost.

How Do Service Locators Locate Utility Lines?

Service Locate’s utility line locators have sophisticated electromagnetic locating transmitters and receivers that detect metal pipes and cables underground; adopting the direct connection method first. Knowing that some utility services may use concrete or plastic pvc pipes, locators insert a line tracer or ‘sonde’ into those pipes, then trace that signal.

These utility detection techniques can detect pipes and cables underground to a depth of about 4 metres and with our experience provide greater than 97% accuracy.